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  • Do you buy old furniture?
    For the most part, the answer is no, we will not buy old furniture. However, if you have something very unique and would like to talk with us about it, shoot us an message HERE or call us at (906) 259-1100.
  • What is architectural salvage anyway?
    When older homes and buildings are torn down, there are usually lots of bits and pieces worth saving. These include things like bricks, windows, wood trim, door knobs, hinges, sinks, light fixtures, flooring and more. When you restore an old building, you need lots of historic bits and pieces. So, architectural salvage allows the historic items to find new homes, and often, new uses. While the Foundary is not a full scale architectural salvage yard, we will have these types of items in stock. And, we are always interested in talking with people who have items to sell.
  • What is your returns policy?
    We will accept returns for unused items, but we do not offer refunds. You will receive an store credit for any returned items.
  • Are you currently hiring?
    We encourage anyone interested in working at the Foundary to bring us a resume. If we're not actively hiring, we'll keep your resume on file and consider you for future employment.
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